Monday, June 13, 2022

Dear Resellers,

Respectfully, we are ecstatic to have you on board, as we offer the most awaited Web Hosting services in Bangladesh. Currently, we are the company with the most powerful servers and the quickest customer support centre. In addition, we have the cheapest and largest Server Solutions compared to the majority of businesses in Bangladesh.


Due to the late Budget formulation. The government of Bangladesh has decided to increase prices for digital services and has placed a dollar-based tax on digital services. Since the last two months, Bangladesh Bank has not estimated the minimum cost of the dollar. To continue providing our services, we may need to increase the price of our products beginning today.


Reselling Hosting Packages include system-critical applications such as cPanel, Litespeed, WebHostP, and Immunify360. Today, it is virtually hard for us to manage these at such a high dollar rate. Consequently, fees have escalated to settle the server. We guarantee to make this as inexpensive as feasible in the market.



Yeamin Adib



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